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Friday, June 7, 2013

My Rolling Stones Winning Lottery Ticket! June 3rd 2013 @ The United Center in Chicago, IL

     Well it started out with a train ride with a friend from work and where it ended up was just utterly amazing to say the least! We boarded in DuQuoin, Il where i have spent massive amounts of time in my life working and living. The train ride was about 4 hours long, give or take a few minutes. The ride up was full of chatter from both of us. I think it was nerves. We were  wondering what the show would entail and Chicago as neither us had ever been to Chicago in our lives. Yes that is  true...well @ least i can attest to it on my end. And after that experience it probably won't be my last trip to Chicago!

     When we arrived @ Union Station we got the heck up on outta there as quick as we could as it was a hot mess. People were everywhere, and i do mean everywhere. The blessing is the cabs were lined up so we could get outta there. We grabbed one and got to the motel a.s.a.p. 

     The motel wasn't  much but two queen beds and a decent bathroom. It was however located in a great area to be. The rock n' roll two story McDonald's was within walking distance. So was Gino's East and so many other places to eat and shop. Yes it was a female friendly neighborhood!

     The first nights eating out entailed going to Gino's for real Chicago style pizza. And it was great. The place was awesome to see with the eyes! Never really seen anything like it. 

   Okay next up was day two. We decided to go on a tour of Chicago by trolley tour company which was a great idea btw by my friend Sherry. We were considering one of the zoo's but this afforded us the opportunity to see a bit of Chicago. I recommend it but spend a few days up there and buy the package on your first day. It includes the Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue and oh so much more!

   We decided what better place to hit then the Hard Rock Cafe that was about a block from us for a late lunch pre-show. The Chicago Hard Rock has so much memorbilia it isn't even funny. My friend is a huge Aerosmith fan and there were several pieces in the gift shop she missed because she was all looking for a shirts for her family and self. I came out of there and asked her if she liked or saw all the Steven Tyler stuff and she had no clue what i was talking about. I was like well lets go back in there. I wound up buying my first Hard Rock t-shirt and a silver Hard Rock bracelet. Love the tee btw. It is plain but cool!I have been to the Hard Rock Cafe's all over. One in St. Louis, one in Nashville, and now Chicago!

      Next up we went back to the motel to rest a bit before going to the show early. I scored fan tickets off the Rolling Stones website the first day of sales. I tried and tried all day to get $250 tickets and the Stones website and finally around 8:30 pm that first night of sales it started to go through. I kept thinking this thing is gonna bounce me off anytime. I thought that all the way until the minute that i paid for them! Then i knew i was okay. But i got to tell you i was apprehensive through it all. I was like yeah i/we could end up anywhere. Believe it or not i prayed about this. I have an uneasiness about heights. So i prayed for the tongue...but if not the tongue as long as i am not in the nosebleeds i am cool with it. I mean after all the tickets were $85 a piece with a very small service few. Together they wound up $175.75 total! You can't beat that no matter how hard you try! Only thing that could beat that is free or comped!

We get to the venue after getting a cab that jerked us around an extra block,,, my guess is to jack the fair up. Anyways, we get there and go around the building to find Gate 5. Which after Gate 4 was not even marked. All along i am having to drag my friend practically. It is like are you coming or not? Dunno why she was so hard to get there! So i asked security that was standing in front of a small roped off type of area and he directs me to it which was right behind him. There were several other fans there and we got in line.

    We waited in line probably 10 minutes. The Stones have things organized folks and they don't jerk you around by any means. So i get up to the front and the guy looks @ my id then waves a guy behind him up front to him. This guy starts to go to the side and waves me over. I go over there and he proceeds to tell me i got pit access tickets! I am just floored standing there in shock. I wave my buddy over. They proceed to put one bracelet on one arm and another on the other. They are like keep these on you have to have them to get in the pit. It isn't like i would take them off by any means! After that i am just in shock is all i can say. I mean you hope and pray but you don't really expect it. To whomever made this made this happen whether it is GOD or another human being or whomever thanks so much! 

So we get inside and head to the concession to get a drink and to the bathroom. I didn't wanna get down there in the pit and be in and out like some will do all night. After that it is to the pit we go!

     We go through 3 different types of event security to get there. But i gotta tell you it is all well worth it! When inside the Tongue Pit i just start looking around and taking it all in. My friend is in shock just like me. I take a few shots with my camera phone and post them on Facebook of course. Do you blame me? This is the equivalent to winning the rock n' roll lottery! Who would have thought ya know? I mean shit like this just doesn't happen to me! Well it does a little bit. Let me rephrase that. I just don't really expect it to be honest. I am always grateful and feel blessed. Makes me definitely believe in prayer...think i better start praying more and pray for things with substance to them. Perhaps helping others and being thankful for all i have and have been blessed with!

     The show started @ 9 pm. When the Rolling Stones came on the crowd roared. I was just in awe of the whole thing. There is nothing like Keef, Mick, Charlie, Ronnie and the rest of the Stones entourage taking the stage and taking flight! The first song was "Get Off My Cloud". It was a nice way to start it all. There is also nothing like Mick Jagger being all over that stage and being the live wire he still is! Next up was "It's Only Rock N' Roll". Throughout the show Mick, Ronnie, and Keef used the whole tongue liberally. They made it an excellent show for as many people as possible doing this. Ronnie is a showman as well. He works the crowd as well. The Stones as a whole put on one helluva show! There is nothing like the Stones live. I only wish i had seen them years ago. I had a shot on Steel Wheels but i was too young and my mom wouldn't let me go to St. Louis @ the time. She sure the hell couldn't stop me this time though!

     To say the whole crowd was into this show would be putting it mild. I can't imagine what it was like in the  60's, 70's or 80's. Hell anytime for that matter! The Stones have gotten older....but damn they have gotten better as well. I have video of them from another tour and i gotta say it is better live. But i do have that for a rainy day viewing when memories may not be enough!

     The crowd was of all ages. From people who looked to be in their teens to some who i am guessing were probably older then the Stones themselves. I did notice the people were of a different vibe. I didn't feel the angst vibe like i normally do @ other concerts. Everyone seemed to be there for one purpose and it was an easy crowd to get along with. Which is great if you have ever experienced the other. Although no crowd will keep me away from any concerts. I just might change a bit of my behavior to keep myself in good humor and away from what i call the haters!

     The Stones did a 19 song set. After that they tried to leave the stage but that just didn't work. They then came back on for a 3 song encore. All in all i am ecstatic i had the great fortune to be there and be where i ended the Tongue pit! Much thanks to God, The Stones, and all other people who played a hand in making this happen. You know who you are, and if you are smart you will reach out @ the right time!

      Now my next thing to make it ONE OF THE BEST SUMMER'S ever is to score a killer ticket for KID ROCK in August @ Live Nation in Maryland Heights, MO. Would love to meet Kid as well! I guess we will see is all i can say! 

Here is the set list and some pictures of the show! 

Set List for the Rolling Stones @ United Center Chicago, IL June 3rd, 2013:

1)Get Off My Cloud
    2)It's Only Rock n' Roll
3)Paint It Black
4) Gimme Shelter
5) Sway
6) Live With Me
7) As Tears Go By
8) Emotional Rescue
9) Doom and Gloom
10) One More Shot
11) Honky Tonk Women
12) You Got the Silver
13)Before They Make Me Run
14) Midnight Rambler
15)Miss You
16) Start Me Up
17)Tumbling Dice
18) Brown Sugar
19)Sympathy for the Devil


20)Can't Always Get What You Want
21)Jumpin' Jack Flash