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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Candlebox and Collective Soul Rib America- St. Louis, MO 05/29/11

This review is a little late and all but @ least i decided to get around to it. I felt a moral obligation to do so due to the great performance from Candlebox. I am a casual fan of Collective Soul but Candlebox rocks my world every time i see them. This is a band that sparked the public's interest and had a few hits. Far Behind back in 1993 was played all the time on MTV, you know back when MTV played videos. They still make music and i hear tell they have a new cd out called Into the Sun. It actually came out in 2008. They have released a few singles. The last was A Kiss Before.

Oh where was i @ now? Oh i saw a live show from them. I do however regret missing sevenmarythree. Sadly i work night shifts and had to sleep sometime. Better to rest and make a safe trip then not. Candlebox came out with plenty of sunshine left in the day.

Candlebox came on strong with You and flowed right into Blossom. Then came Bitches Brew. Kevin kind of shocked me. I guess he reads indie reviews and perhaps read mine. He came out into the crowd and shook hands mixed it up with the whole crowd all around the barrier. I mentioned last year that is what i felt was bout the only thing that could have made the show better. I guess you wanted to deliver it to us all and you did. I think everyone got a kick out of it and you made my and many others night. I think it set it off. I felt more of a spark prior to that as well. For this show Candlebox stepped up their live show game. After Bitches Brew i called this She Don't and i know that isn't it's name. For some reason i was having mental block on their song title names. After that Candlebox lit into Hammer of The Gods which morphed into Crazy Train to Highway to Hell and then a Van Halen cut. Everyone has their roots and i can respect that. Not a fan of Led Zepplin but am a fan of music and can salute Robert Plant as one of a kind vocalist with an awesome range. After paying homage came Somethings on My Mind and Stain. Then the hit reared it's head in Far Behind. Could they really have did a show without playing it? So many fans would feel slighted and some would be upset. Next up was She, Sometimes, Miss You and i would swear they sang You twice, but maybe not. Oh well, that is my favorite song by them anyways. All in all i would give them a 9.5 on 10 scale. The show was there, songs were there, connection with fans, and just a great energy all around with this show. In my mind i feel this band should have closed the show that night, but who the hell am i ya know? Not knocking Collective Soul by any means just more of fan of Candlebox. I think Candlebox stepping up their live show made CS work it that much harder as well. They were forced to put it out there, no going through the motions.

Candlebox consists of : Kevin Martin vocalist/guitarist, Peter Klett lead guitar, Sean Hennesy rhythm guitar, Adam Curry Bass, and Scott Mercado Drums. Here is where you can find out information on them: .

Now so all is fair Collective Soul consists of: Ed Roland lead vocals/guitars/keyboards, Dean Roland rhythm guitar, Will Turpin Bass/backing vocals, Joel Kosche lead guitar, and Cheney Brannon drums. Here is where you can find out information on them: .

I got most of their set list i may have missed one or two and i think i may not have the name correct name of all songs but who is perfect. This is just a blog striving to promote music, concerts, and having a good time and conveying that to others.  As far as Collective Soul goes i don't really know their set. They did play Gel and i did hear the hits i familiar with Weight and Promises.

Nothing like an outdoor BBQ festival, good music, and hot weather to bring it on home to the people of St. Louis and it's surrounding areas. I had a blast dropped a few dollars on food and drink to show support so it keeps coming back. Keep it coming back to St. Louis!!!

I do have  ton of pics of Candlebox and some of Collective Soul. 

Kevin Martin-Vocals and Peter Klett-Lead Guitar  Candledbox

Scott Mercado- Drums Candlebox

Kevin out in the crowd was great to see man.

Sean Hennesy rhythm guitar and Adam Curry Bass Candlebox

Ed Roland-Vocals/guitars Collective Soul and Drummer Cheney Brannon

Joel Kosche-guitars Collective Soul

Dean Roland-guitars Collective Soul

Will Turpin-bassist Collective Soul

Dean Roland also on keys

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