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Friday, October 14, 2011

Michael Monroe Band Live @ Fubar's in St. Louis October 10,2011

     If i was to tell you i was impressed that would be an understatement. This was my first time seeing Michael Monroe live and i hope it isn't the last. Michael and his band are definitely worth your time and travel to see. Even if it is a Monday night. They came to St. Louis and hit Fubar's of all places. Fubar's is a small club with 2 stages. Mainly it is a bar.

     The openers i was not impressed with. One band showed some potential. The singer should have stuck around and watched Michael Monroe perform it would show him what performing is all about. One of the other bands was pretty decent, just not really my thing is all. The rest were a waste of time. I always give the benefit of the doubt though and see the opening bands. Sadly i didn't write the band names down but i do think the one good bands name was Zuul and the one with potential was Drunk on Sunday.

     The atmosphere of Fubar's is pretty much that of any bar/club. Nothing fancy, just basically a bar and a couple of stages. The drinks as usual could be stronger. But anyway i wasn't there to drink, i was there to see the Michael Monroe band.

      The house lights went down at about 10:30 pm. As the band took the stage you could feel and see the energy. Michael has more energy than any 3 year old i have seen, i only wish i had half of energy. From start to finish it was the highest energy show i have seen live. From climbing on top of the speakers to doing the splits the man doesn't sit still. And trust me i tried to catch him for a good picture.

     The first song was off the new release "Sensory Overdrive" called " Trick of the Wrist". And yeah it sounds good live. Of course the show was peppered with old and new songs. I was hoping to hear a few of my faves like Dead, Jail or Rock N' Roll  and Motorvatin and yes they were played and well. Hearing Superpowered Superfly was great. Another excellent song off his latest disc. And 78 was spot on live as well. I must say it went over well with the rest of crowd as well. Hearing Mystery City was cool as it gets. I remember a good friend recommending that disc and i believe Two Steps from the Move when i was interested but had never heard much of Hanoi Rocks. Ironically i was listening to some old Hanoi Rocks and heard Taxi Driver on the way to the show and hell yeah they played it.

     This is the kind of show you dream of getting to see but rarely get the pleasure of actually getting to see it. Most shows like this just don't happen for one reason or another. If only Michael could have packed Crashdiet in his suit case and brought them i would have thought i won the musical lottery. To say Michael is a performer is an insult. He is nothing short of being one of the best front men in rock. He is humble, nice, and cool to his fans which is a rarity. I only wish more people in St. Louis and surrounding areas had enough sense to get out of their houses and come out to good shows like this. I would guess there was somewhere around a 100-125 fans in attendance. I hope this doesn't stop Michael and the band from stopping in the next tour. I guess for what we all lacked in numbers we had enthusiasm for the show and artist though. One guy recorded the whole show from right in front of the stage.

Much thanks to Michael and the band for taking the time to take photos, give autographs and just plain being great to your fans. Hope you make it back next tour!!! And Michael still has barely aged since the 80's and has stayed in great shape. Hard to believe the man has rocked it as long as he has....And if you see Michael Monroe "Sensory Overdrive" cd or in another form buy it, it is a good release and worth your money.

The band consists of: Michael Monroe on vocals, Dregen on guitar, Steven Conte on guitar, Karl Rockfist on drums, and last but not least Sami Yaffa on bass.

     Set list:

Trick of the Wrist
Got Blood
Hammersmith Palais
Nothin's Alright
Not Fakin It
Superpowered Superfly
Bombs Away
Mystery City
Malibu Beach
Dead, Jail, or Rock N' Roll
I Wanna Be Loved
Taxi Driver
Feel Alright

Some show pics:

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  1. Thanks for the review and photos, he truly is one of the best front men of rock. I haven't seen him live for a few years (last time was a Hanoi-gig) but hopefully next year!