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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kid Rock with Ty Stone opening Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN 11/23/11

To say this was a one off show is being humble. First off Kid Rock rarely plays a tour that doesn't involve something the size of 10,000+ seats. Kid Rock is currently taking Ty Stone on a trek of smaller venues and donating to local charities of the said city he is in. That and he does do a yearly swanky cruise for those who have deep enough pockets that can go....

To those who have never been to Ryman Auditorium all i can say is you are missing out. When you get to the city inside the holler do check it out. IT is worth your time and effort. This is the 3rd show i have seen there. There is no room for pyro and all the other added stuff that larger venues can add but sometimes that really isn't necessary now is it?

I got in town about 4pm...I chilled and tried to get a taxi to the venue and i gotta tell ya some taxi services just aren't worth the hassle of waiting. I got the it will be 5-10 minutes line twice and a half hour later i was still sitting there. So i said to hell with it. I got a car, license, gps, what am i waiting for? I am sure i was one of the few that wasn't half drunk that night but hey, being sober has certain advantages...

I got to the Ryman and got parked and headed down to blocked off Tootsie's block. Tootsie's was having their 51st anniversary for those who are educated to the fact. Dinner at Jack's was cool, but I guess i should have ventured across the street to Rippy's. That was Kid's hangout for before and after the show at the stage for Tootsie's. I kept thinking the view from that balcony blows. Oh well, what the hell do i know anyways?

Anyway back to the matter at hand..The confusion in the line to get in the Ryman was interesting. People waiting in a line to show ids to pick up tickets to end the scalping which i guess it helps but it will never end it. There are other ways to avoid that, but my tricks are for me to keep to myself and you can find your own. No matter it was great having a hard ticket i already got in the mail so i didn't have to deal with all that anyway. It just got me closer and in the next line. One thing i can tell ya is with a Kid Rock show there are always lines.

The doors opened at 6:30 p.m. As always the Ryman staff is pretty well courteous. I know my way around and really don't need assistance at this point finding my seat. After a time or two there you pretty much do. The merchandise lines are always a nightmare. If i didn't care to see the show they might not be, but why even be there if i am not watching the show? It is pointless...I had a balcony seat about 2/3 of the way up seat. I guess i should count myself lucky to even be there. But you know what, i wish i had had better.

Ty Stone opened and played 5-6 songs. I like him pretty well and was interested to see how he would be live. For some reason i thought he would have at least a small backing band with him on the road to thicken up his sound. He has a great set of pipes and can play acoustic guitar well enough. In my opinion he needs a bass player and drums to round out his sound. So Ty if you happen to read this you are a good artist, get you a small backing band it will round out your sound. I love seeing great potential and where it can go is all i am gonna say about Ty Stone.

They say waiting is the hardest part. I guess it is....Kid Rock came on at about 9 p.m. He had the Twisted Brown Trucker Band backing him as always. Seems the band has shifted around over the years but one constant has remained they back him well in all his music. Whether it be the opening song Devil, the middle of the show with God Bless Saturday Night or ending it with Born Free. The audibles were pretty good this time around as well. Kid picks the show out from start to finish and from my guess he works it all out in his head. He does certain moves at certain points of the show as well as certain parts of the show i don't think he would get by without doing it for the fans. As i have learned over this past year many of his fans are repeat offenders. Some travel from great distances and see several shows over the tour year. It is a good show and you will have a good time at it. The intimacy is a nice thing on this tour...and a rarity i do like. He is a show man. It leaves little to surprise though.

The Care tour last through part of December. Here is a list of the tour dates that are left from  his website.

Dec 1, 2011-Filmore Auditorium- Denver, CO
Dec 3, 2011-The Great Saltair-Magna, UT
Dec 4, 2011-Knitting Factory-Boise, ID

Dec 6, 2011-Knitting Factory-Spokane,WA
Dec 9. 2011-Fantasy Springs Special Event Center Indio,CA

I also here tell that old Kid Rock is working on a new album and material for that. I will be pleased to hear it when it comes out. The album Born Free was such an artists album. It was similar but truly an about face in style and substance from all those that came before it. He has said in other interviews he plans to do his next more in the Cocky style. Which yeah i liked Cocky but we will have to see is all i can say...Good luck to ya Kid Rock.

Tootsie's block party was a good time after the concert. Kid Rock came and did a couple of songs and had his son who most refer to as Junior on stage helping him sing part of All Summer Long. Junior has a higher voice more in the vein of Jackson 5 to my ears. I guess if he is going to follow in dads footsteps i don't think it will be quite the same footsteps he leaves behind. Had i got to town earlier i heard Junior was performing his own show with his own band...But i just didn't make it there.

All in all it was a good night in Nashville. One i will remember for a long time. Will i see Kid Rock in concert again? Sure, but i honestly  think it won't be a for a bit...A new album, more free time for me, and a bit to miss him live is what i need.....

Here is the set list direct from the upper balcony soundboard:

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  1. Kid Rock had a nice idea in handling on this kind of event and currently taking Ty Stone on a trek of smaller venues and donating it to all local charities. This would be so amazing, many people would really love to watch this.
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