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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chickenfoot Live @ The Pageant in St. Louis, MO 11/04/11

     Wow, what a fun show. I have never seen the Pageant that crowded that early. I got there at a little before 5 pm and the line was already snaking from the bar back to the corner and back around. Sammy fans, and Chickenfoot fans alike piled in to see the SOLD OUT show. There were no tickets to be had except the odd scalper or two hanging out at the venue and through places like Stubhub who all wanted to swindle fans out of more then face value.

     The Ponderosa opened the show. They played about 5 songs. They were pretty good, nothing great. The vocalist had a good set of pipes and with the right songs they could go somewhere. The glitch with them was i could see a stage guy off to the side playing guitar and the harmonica was piped in as no one on stage was playing harmonica that i could see. I think the band said they were from Atlanta, Georgia or somewhere in Georgia.

      Chickenfoot came on stage a bit before 9pm and opened up with Lighten Up. Next up was Alright. The whole band was working the stage and hard to photograph the whole show. Being it is St. Louis all kinds of shirts, banners, and joints were thrown on stage. There were some really nice looking Cardinals shirts thrown up and some custom made banners by the crowd. The band except for Michael Anthony all wore sunglasses. The new guy Kenny Aronoff filling in for Chad Smith on drummers held a tight groove for Mike to keep in pocket with. Chad Smith is currently with the Red Hot Chili Peppers who recently completed an album of their own. I don't follow RHCP that close but know the new album is called "I'm With You" and they played Dublin, Ireland this same night. So one man can't be in two places at one time.

     There is nothing like a Sammy/Chickenfoot crowd. They are all ages, professions, sizes, and morals. All i can say is they are enthusiastic. Which i can count myself as one. The new album "Chickenfoot III"  dispels all the myths that the first one left. There are several singles on that album and a few were played live: Bigfoot, Come Closer, Alright, and Something  Going Wrong. I think the one they are missing that has true hit single ballad potential is " Different Devil". It was interesting to hear that Joe Satriani wrote the lyrics to Come Closer. I was curious when i heard it. Trying to decide myself if Sammy wrote it or not. So i guess Joe can write a song as well with lyrics as with just guitar.

     If you are one of the lucky people to get to see this tour go for it. Here are the tour dates as follows:

Nov. 2 Warfield Theatre in San Francisco
Nov. 3 The Avalon in Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 4 The Pageant in St. Louis, MO
Nov. 5 The Metro in Chicago, IL
Nov. 8 Webster Hall in New York, NY

Jan. 12 Academy in Manchester, UK
Jan. 14 Academy in Brixton, UK
Jan. 16 Olympia in Paris, FR
Jan. 17 O13 in Tilburg, NL
Jan. 19 Electric Hall in Dusseldorf, DE

     The set list is as follows. I took a pic of a fans set list but i think a page was missing. So it is what it is!

Lighten Up
Sexy Little Thing
Soap on a Rope
Up Next
My Kind of Girl
Down the Drain
Come Closer
3 1/2 Letters
Something Going Wrong
Drum & Bass intro
Turning Left
Future is in the Past
Oh Yeah
Foxy Lady

     I took a few nice pics and here are a few of those...Enjoy!

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  1. Awesome show. My pictures sucked. What camera do you use?