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Friday, August 10, 2012

Slash with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators @ The Pagaent, St. Louis, MO 08/08/12

  Well it finally happened, Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators made their way to St. Louis, MO. I had to used my strong suites of bitching, hinting, nagging and carrying on on Facebook with Slash as  a like. Hmm maybe old Slash or perhaps Perla read that shit after all? Well @ least i hope they do, it is the wave of the future. Gone are the days of magazine articles with fan write ins asking what the band is up to and telling what they like and most want to see the band do. Now, it is instantly known.

The one and only SLASH!

     Anyway, on with the show. Initially the show was to begin @ 8:00, instead Slash took the stage @ 8:30. Not much to complain about there. At least it wasn't like 11pm then going on until 3 am like some people we know. The show kicked in with "Halo". Then kicking into "Night Train", which i am sure is no mistake. That song brings the old fans to life and hooks the new fans in. Nothing like some old GN'R to get your blood pumping. "Ghost" gets you into some of Slash's solo cuts. From there it was a mix match of Slash material sprinkled with old school Guns N' Roses. For some of us who have never seen Slash or Guns live it is a spectacular thing to see.

     Me personally, i would love to see the "original" Guns N'  Roses but i just don't think it is gonna happen. It isn't for lack of interest or effort on some peoples part either. I guess we can hope and pray and maybe some day that day will come....but i doubt it. Too much bad blood, words exchanged, tempers lost, and probably more things then the general public has a clue about. But why taint a good night you know? The Conspirators are a great group and i am not gonna take a thing from them by waxing nostalgic about old things. On drums for the Conspirators Brent Fitz, on rhythm guitar Frank Sidoris, Bass and back up vocals Todd Kerns. Myles Kennedy of course is lead singing for the whole affair. Then can anybody miss Slash? I doubt it. I will say this somebody did peg him right with the intro, " I don't know what it is but it is weird and pissed off and calls itself Slash". Yes there is more to the quote but i am too lazy to look it up, the quote is from memory. Don't ask why the bizarre shit in life just sticks in my head for some crazy assed reason. I also was totally stoked to hear Dr. Alibi which Todd Kerns did justice to singing. Love Lemmy and long may he live!

Frank Sidoris- Rhythm guitar

Myles Kennedy-vocalist

Brent Fitz-drummer

Todd Kerns-Bass and back up vocals

     I could say sanctimonious things about the show and worship @ the rock n' roll alter ala Almost Famous but honestly i already do that enough. If i wasn't going to college full time and working part time you would see many more blogs and i would see many more concerts. I think this is my 3rd show this year. In a normal year by now i have seen @ least 10 concerts  and by summers end probably 15 or more. Yes i am a true rock n' roll junkie music fan extraordinaire. The show was a great rock show, well worth the time and effort to shower up, get in your favorite rock t shirt, line up with other like minded people, and wait it out for the right to see it all! Slash was Slash onstage is all i can say. I have nothing i can compare it to as i have never seen him live. I was impressed with the Conspirators and Myles Kennedy. Myles is an excellent front man from his voice, to demeanor, to delivery of the songs. The show was well over 2 hours and well worth the $30 cash i shelled out @ 6pm.

     I would like to thanks Slash, Myles, the Conspirators for a great show. As well as making many fans dreams come true by signing autographs, and pressing palms post show by the bus. Myself and another 60 or so fans appreciate it. I got my Slash biography signed. Too bad no pics with Slash but i guess you can't have your cake and eat it to. Or perhaps there were enough pics took on stage. Some of us take them for good reason, besides just personal mementos. Without them this write up would be pretty boring... Oh and through a little persistence i got my hands on the set list via another fan on facebook, thanks much if you happen to read this. And Slash happens to reads this, make your way back to St. Louis a little more often and next time i hope you allow pics if you do a meet and greet! As we all know you don't wanna piss fans off in St. Louis as we tend to destroy things!

Set list for 08/08/12:

-Night Trian
-Standing in the Sun
-Back From Cali
-My Michelle
-Beggars & Hangers On
-Not For Me
-Rocket Queen
-Dr. Alibi
-Your Crazy
-No More Heroes
-Hard & Fast
-Sweet Child O' Mine
-You're A Lie

-By the Sword
-Paradise City

Here is a link to future dates. I wish i could hit one more show but i doubt it is possible with my busy school/work schedule and life!

Apocalyptic Love World Tour 2012-2013

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