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Thursday, April 18, 2013

We're All for the Hall April 16th, 2013 @ Bridgestone Arena Nashville, TN

To say i was impressed and happy to be there would be an understatement. I got there via being a member of the Kid Rock Rebel Soldier's. Kid offered his soldiers a password of "RENEGADES". To Kid a big thanks goes out. I got 7th row section 4 and i still honestly think Momma Rock was behind me. I got no answers on that one but oh well. She was a nice older lady who i chewed the fat with a bit.

The night kicked off with Vince Gill and Keith Urban on stage together. Keith started the night with "Without You" and dedicated it to his wife and daughter. He then played "Tumbling Dice". I like Keith but who caught the night on fire was Vince Gill when he tore into "I Ain't Living Long Like This". The guitar playing is truly incendiary. Look it up to find out what i just said if you don't know! I love me some Vince Gill from this time to seeing him with Amy Grant @ the Ryman for a Christmas special. He sewed up his status to me with playing "Midnight Rambler". 

Next up to bat was Montgomery Gentry. They tore into "One Every Crowd" and then did "Gone". Which is what they were before i knew it. And that my friends is too bad because as an undiscovered lyricist/poet after seeing those guys i would love to write a set of lyrics with them just so i could watch them perform it. 

Brantley Gilbert played next and yes i am gonna play stupid here. I had heard his name but had no clue who he was and really still don't know a whole lot more then he is the new country rebel of today.  I swiped the set list or i honestly wouldn't know what he sang. He sang "Country Must Be Country Wide" and "Long Haired Redneck". I will be honest i kept trying to figure out if he had those ear expander things in the whole time he was playing. Personally they make me hurt a bit. This is where i say to myself, "here's your sign, you are definitely getting old". 

Trace Adkins came on next. I have never seen him either. I was duly impressed. I had also decided upon first viewing i would never lip off to him. I work out but man i missed that trainer session or something and i think he took mine. I did enjoy his songs as well. I just got a bit distracted thinking i ain't doing something right @ the gym. Yes i am female and i am going for long lean muscles not bulk, but still. I love his song "Just Fishin" it appeals to the part of me that really thinks it is sweet to see fathers and daughters do things together. And yes Trace , "Ladies Do Love Country Boys" and then some.

Roseanne Cash or perhaps a later guest fulfilled what i wished i had done for myself many moons ago. I got to hear some Cash. Just wish i had seen Johnny for myself years ago, before he passed. Roseanne sang, "Long Black Veil" and "Seven Year Ache". With Seven Year she told the story where it came from. Her guitar player who was none other then Vince Gill @ the time. 

Now the old school came to town in Billy Joe Shaver. It was a trip back in time. Even Shaver had me cracking a bit when he talked of preferring to be "seen" not "viewed". I do enjoy some older time country and liked his songs " I'm Just an Old Lump of Coal, But I'm Gonna Be a Diamond Someday" and "Live Forever". I think that was kind of the build up of being seeing not viewed. 

I got excited when Eric Church came on stage for some odd reason. And yes i have heard of him. I am a casual fan though. I think the rest of the crowd must really like him. He performed " Ophelia" and "Big Mouth USA". He performed it in a true rockstar way, he was the first act to wear his shades all throw his set. 

Jessi Colter, Waylon Jennings widow performed a new one she had never performed. " Why You Been Gone so Long" and "I'm Not Lisa". I honestly don't understand why it wasn't named "My Mountain" though. It seems more fitting, that verse really stuck out to me. It is her song though and it is close to her heart so i understand and i mean no disrespect to her or it. 

Next up was my man KID ROCK! He blazed into " Born Free" and had the crowd all fired up. I gotta say Kid you forgot to point to your chest, but i didn't! Kid brings so much energy on stage sometimes i think he might implode or catch on fire. His next song was " All Summer Long". Who can't relate to that? I can 1989 was the year i graduated high school. Kid and i share more then he will ever know! I still get excited like a little kid when he takes the stage because he just brings it and doesn't quit. THAT is a performer to me and someone i will gladly pay a fair price to see every chance i get!

Jason Aldean was a pleasant surprise. My niece would have been about to come apart if i took her. She loves Jason Aldean. Careful though she ain't 18 yet! She and the woman next to me got a lot in common. Heather who also is a Kid Rock fan loves Jason Aldean and asked to stand in my spot. Since i wasn't a crazy fan i let her, why not ya know? Jason did his hit of course, " Take A Little Ride" and " My Kind of Party".

I tell ya what i don't care if Tim McGraw is married or not he is drop dead sexy! And yes i said that like the female version of Austin Power and trust me i meant it. Besides Faith Hill i am sure he has just about every woman he comes into contact with drooling over him. He performed "How Bad Do you You Want" and "Real Good Man" and  trust me you don't want to know that answer for the most part!

Who doesn't love Hank Williams Jr?? IF you say you don't i think you just ain't American. He did an acoustic set. His consisted of a triage type of blending: "Whiskey Bent/All My Rowdy Friends/Dukes of Hazard theme Good Ole Boys/Walk the Line". And have faith in me saying he did Walk the Line justice. Almost felt like old Johnny was in the room. Which i am grateful for as i never did get to see Cash live in concert. IT is one of my biggest regrets.

Next up came Sheryl Crow. Sheryl wasn't on the list but i think because Loretta Lynn had to cancel Sheryl got asked to sit in?? Don't matter Sheryl does more then sit in. She comes on long and strong and keeps the hits coming on. She pulled my man Kid Rock on to perform "Picture" and did "If It Makes You Happy". 

I felt so honored to see Kris Kristofferson perform. One of most looked up to songwriters as far as i am concerned. HE has written the best and stood out even with them. He threw down and performed "Sunday Morning Coming Down" and "Me & Bobby McGee". Janis would have loved that one and soaked it up. 

My Jesus out came Willie Nelson. One thing is for sure Willie is rock solid. He brought out his old steady guitar "Trigger". He played out for us and did, " On The Road Again" and "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die". I gotta say if somebody did roll old Willie up i think they would probably get higher then if they smoked the finest green!

For a finale bringing everyone on stage for "Family Tradition" seemed the very best thing to do and that is exactly what happened! I can't think of a better way to end it! 

I do hope to attend this again next year. Hopefully it will work out so i can do so! If not i guess i will consider myself fortunate to have see this one on April 16th, 2013!  Oh and if your an  artist happen to read this and if you feel like comping  free tickets to the show they won't be turned down by me!


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